Bill Maher Responds to Rush Limbaughs Fluke Comments

Comedian Bill Maher wasted no time in poking fun at radio host Rush Limbaugh and his comments about Sandra Fluke (the woman who recently testified about contraceptive coverage in front of members of Congress).

On the most recent episode of his show “Real Time,” Maher slammed Republicans and their stance on the Obama administration’s contraceptive mandate, while taking particular aim at Limbaugh.

“I love this generation of Republicans. Their approach to a woman’s body is the same to their approach to the economy,” Maher said. “They have no idea how it works, but they’re eager to screw with it anyway.”

In addition to bringing up Limbaugh’s past Oxycotin use, Maher targeted the radio host’s four wives and the fact that he has no children. He joked that Limbaugh is, himself, a form of birth control.

Mediaite has more:

He then turned to the fact that Limbaugh was demanding the Obama SuperPAC he donated to return the money because “I sometimes called Sarah Palin a bad name.” Chuckling to himself, he noted, “I don’t have sponsors, I’m on HBO.” He then noted that Limbaugh’s first sponsor to leave him was a mattress company: “sluts use a lot of mattresses!”

Watch Maher makes these comments, below:

This defense, of course, isn’t going to appease those who believe that Maher’s past disparaging commentary (he called Palin the c-word) is excusable. Additionally, the HBO host’s defense does little to stem the notion that there is a media double standard when it comes to coverage surrounding Limbaugh’s statements about Fluke.

(H/T: Mediaite)