Woman Arrested, Held for 10 Hours After… Painting her Nails on an Airplane?

Jeanie Daniels was minding her own business, painting her nails… at 30,000 feet. After a Southwest flight attended asked her to put the polish away, Daniels complied, but 10 minutes later realized she only had two nails left so discretely went to the restroom where she finished painting her nails.

Upon returning, Daniels found the flight attendant at her seat — presumably to confront her over the “violation” — and an argument ensued. Daniels was subsequently arrested and held for some 10 hours and charged with using profane language.

The charges have since been dismissed.

In a statement, Daniels said: “I apologized, and I put it away. About 10 minutes into the flight I discovered I only had two nails left to paint so I thought, well, if I went into the bathroom and did it, it wouldn’t offend anyone.”

Watch the report provided by Fox News: