There’s a potentially flammable situation unfolding at Miami University in Ohio after a transgender student living as a man was denied a position working in an all-male dorm. Kaeden Kass, a junior who was hoping to work with men a resident assistant was, instead, placed in a female building. Now, Kass is fighting against this alleged injustice.

Kass, who was born a female, is claiming that Miami University violated its own non-discrimination policy by not granting him his request to work with male students. In an interview with WLWT-TV, Kass explained, “The problem is, I’m a male-identified person, and as soon as I’m in a space that is all female, my identity gets erased.”

Kaeden Kass Files Complaint at Miami Univ. Over Dorm Issue | Transgender

The situation, which very literally holds the potential to cause excessive head-scratching among those trying to see all perspectives present within it, is complex. Already, the public university has transgender housing, which offers students, like Kass, gender-neutral on-campus residential status.

While three students already take advantage of this housing, Kass says that its existence doesn’t address his status as a woman who is living as a man. Furthermore, gender-neutral housing does little to ease the tensions created by his supposedly ill-fitted position as a residential assistant in a women’s dorm.

To fight the denial, Kass has filed a complaint against the dean of students and the university council. This grievance is currently working its way through the university system.

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(H/T: Daily Mail)