‘Let’s Start a Riot’: First Rap Song Devoted to Trayvon Martin Calls for Violence

The Trayvon Martin case has inflamed passions like perhaps no case in recent memory, and there is plenty of ugliness resulting from those passions. Now, the first rap song devoted to the Martin case has appeared on Youtube, titled “All Black in My Hoodie,” by the rapper Zoeja Jean.

It is not exactly a pleasant listening experience. The chorus goes as follows:

All black in my hoodie
All black in my hoodie
Strapped up with them AKs
F–k protesters

Let’s start a riot
Fight, let’s start a riot

The lyrics then proceed apace, with vulgarity continuing to escalate as it goes on:

Burn the house
And everybody in it
I don’t give a f–k about the racist ass children

F–k all that bullshit
Protest with justice
I feel like the Black Panthers
Let’s start a f–kin riot

Ain’t trying to talk like Dr. King
Like Malcom X I’m runnin ????
F–k them pussy ass KKK
We black and strapped with them A-K-K

They did us wrong in Haiti
They did us wrong in Africa
Black folks let’s keep it real
These pussy crackers don’t love us

If we don’t do s–t
And lynch that cracker
Six months later
They gonna kill another brother

Note the phrasing. “Lynch that cracker,” the “cracker” in question presumably being George Zimmerman. Apparently, either the reference to lynching has now been explicitly adopted by Martin’s more violent supporters, or Zoeja Jean has gone off the reservation with this wording. Either way, it doesn’t bode well for this already excessively violent case. Tempers are flaring, and the most irresponsible observers of this tragedy appear to be doing everything they can to encourage that.