CBS Misses Last Seconds of Final Four GameFans watching Saturday’s Kansas-Ohio State NCAA Final Four game on CBS missed the last seconds of the game. Why? CBS was showing a replay — not what was actually happening live on the court.

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Yahoo Sports has more:

Ohio State’s Aaron Craft had just been called for a lane violation after intentionally missing a free throw with 2.8 seconds remaining in the game. While CBS was showing the replay of Craft’s overenthusiastic charge toward the basket, Kansas was inbounding the ball to run off the final seconds of the game. Kansas was clinging to a two-point lead and Ohio State was out of timeouts, so the game would end if the Jayhawks could run out the clock.

That’s exactly what happened, but viewers watching live on CBS didn’t see it

CBS was busy showing the Craft replay and failed to realize that there wouldn’t be any lag between the violation and inbound. As such, viewers missed almost two seconds of game play and when cameras finally caught up with the game, 1.7 seconds later, there was little more than one second left and the game was essentially over. It was completely confusing for all fans.

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