Watch This 12-Yr-Old Skateboarder Land The Impossible Trick That Tony Hawk Can’t Do

Tony Hawk dreams about it. Sean White was the guy most experts believed would get it done. But the one trick that has been the goal of skateboarders and X-Games fans for decades, has finally been nailed by a kid named Tom Schaar. Tom is in the sixth grade, he stands almost five feet tall, and weighs about 80 pounds. But, he’s just stood the skateboarding world on its head. What exactly did he do?

Young Tom Schaar executed the elusive “1080.”

How did he do it? Tom’s dad, Nick was interviewed by ESPN and broke it down for all of us.

“He warmed up with 10 gay twists [a fakie to forward mute-grab 360], half a dozen 720s, and I think he threw a 900 in there. Then he did the 1080 on his fifth try. Then he went back and did it again the next day.”

Watch the trick that Schaar landed last week:

What’s next? Tom and his kind will now set their sights on the “1260.”

Update — Here’s a look at the special ramp that helped Tom nail the 1080:

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