Awkward: State Dept. Press Briefing Turns to Secret Service Prostitution Scandal – During ‘Bring Your Kids To Work Day’

During a State Department press briefing yesterday on “Bring Your Kids to Work Day,” things got a little weird as reporters pressed State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland for more details on the Secret Service Colombian prostitution scandal.

“The Secret Service is acknowledging that it’s investigating its employees hired strippers and prostitutes in El Salvador ahead of the President’s visit there last year,” one reporter said, according to transcripts.

“And the original report from KIRO quotes the strip club owner as saying that high-ranking employees of the U.S. Embassy in San Salvador were customers there. I’m just wondering if the State Department is looking into this case as well,” he added.

Hope you’re learning something, son!

“Well, we’ve seen this press reporting. Obviously, we will inquire of our Embassy in Salvador with regard to the conduct of our own employees,” Nuland replied.

“But the article alleges that they attended the establishment, not that they engaged in any illegal or unsanctioned conduct. So we will inquire of our Embassy and see what we learn with regard to that.”

The reporter wasn’t satisfied with her response and kept pushing for details.

“Yeah. I’m wondering because yesterday you said there was zero tolerance for these types of behavior. I’m wondering, does that include visiting a business like this?” he asked.

[M]embers of the Foreign Service are prohibited from engaging in notoriously disgraceful conduct, which includes frequenting prostitutes and engaging in public or promiscuous sexual relations or engaging in sexual activity that could open the employee up to the possibility of blackmail, coercion, or improper influence,” Nuland replied.

“What a topic to be talking about on Bring Your Kids to Work Day,” Nuland added.

“Hold on one second. I’m trying – on the same thing, while trying to turn this down to a G rating,” the reporter said.

“Parents, you can explain all of this later,” Nuland joked.

When all was said and done, prostitution was mentioned four times, the word “sex” seven times, and “strippers” once. “Club,” as in strip club (not something awesomely innocent like a “He-Man Woman Haters Club”), was mentioned three times.

“Indeed, reporters paid no heed to the fact that young kids were present in the day’s media briefing, asking awkward questions about prostitutes and strippers involved in developing Secret Service scandals in Colombia and Brazil,” Politico reports.

We regret not being able to attend that briefing. We would have liked to have asked Miss Nuland where babies come from.

(H/T: Washington Examiner)