Two California Women Save Young Boy From Crazed Father Who Was Allegedly Trying to Cut Off His Son’s Arms in Ritual Sacrifice

Jaymisha Pires and Corey Granberry seemingly saved the life of an 8-year old boy on Saturday, after his father allegedly tried to cut off his arms as part of a ritual sacrifice in a San Diego cemetery.  

The father, Joseph Ramirez, had already slashed open the boy’s forearms when the women saw what was happening, and they say their “motherly instincts” took over.

Police gather evidence at the cemetery (Photo: UT San Diego)

“My motherly instincts kicked in when I saw him hurting that little boy,” said Pires, who has two young children.  “It was a blur. I just wanted him to stop.”

Pires says she confronted the 30-year old man but he just kept repeating, “We’re going to Jesus.  We’re going to Jesus.”  At that time, Granberry grabbed the injured boy and the other two children the father had brought, and they all ran.

Ramirez was tackled by a 60-year old security guard soon after.

“It’s all in day’s work,” the guard commented with a shrug.

Mount Hope Cemetery (Photo: Daily Mail)

Reports say that Ramirez had been hearing the voice of his dead grandmother, who (he believes) him to sacrifice his young son.

The man has since been been hospitalized, but authorities assure that he will be charged for child abuse and assault with a deadly weapon.

As for the boy, police say the young women saved his life.  Between the intervention and staunching his wounds with a t-shirt, they likely saved it in more ways than one.  However, the wounds were severe enough that he still required hospitalization.

Reports are unclear as to the status of the mother.