Is the Incredible Video of Manhole Cover Completely Flipping an SUV a Fake?

You can imagine the danger an open manhole could pose to a texting walker or perhaps a small sedan, but is it really dangerous enough to flip a Land Rover SUV? And what if the manhole is actually covered?

In this shocking footage from Russia, it appears the manhole starts off covered and then is caught by an SUV’s wheel, causing it to flip entirely.

Check out the footage caught by another car’s dashcam:

Here’s the crash from another angle:

After the incident, spectators rush to help the driver out of the vehicle, who appears to be unharmed and goes about inspecting the SUV.

View of the flip from the dash cam.
Witnesses come to the driver's aid.

The Australian publication Canberra Times points out this freak SUV crash could be a fake, noting another video of the crash uploaded on April 26 has the dash cam timestamped as occurring in 2007. The poster of the video on YouTube states the dash cam timestamp is wrong and that it did in fact happen this past Thursday. The timestamp on this version says the incident did occur last week.

What do you think? Will you be weaving around manholes next time you hit the road?

[H/T: Jalopnik]