Dramatic Footage Captures Hit-and-Run… and the Victim Could be Charged (Graphic)

A group formed in the street around the taxi. The driver's lawyer has said he felt threatened by the crowd. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

This story contains graphic images that may be disturbing to some. Discretion is advised.

A bout of violence between a taxi driver and a group of people on the street over the weekend in Canada left one man in the hospital after a hit-and-run. Now, the driver has been charged and is awaiting his bail hearing, but those involved in violence against the vehicle could face charges as well.

A video posted on YouTube Sunday shows the face off between those on the street in Montreal and the driver. According to the man filming the altercation, the passenger had gotten out of the cab and closed the door loudly spurring the conflict. Now outside of the vehicle, the former passenger along with others kicks the car several times. Over the seconds that follow, a small crowd forms in the street and the taxi begins to turn on them. The driver then runs completely over one of the men — as if he were a speed bump — and drives away.

See the conflict for yourself (Content warning: strong language and some disturbing images):

The Toronto Star reports the driver, Guercy Edmond, was brought to court Monday and charged with aggravated assault, assault with a weapon, hit-and-run and dangerous driving. He is set to receive a bail hearing Wednesday.

This blurry image from the footage shows the crowd and a point at which one person jumps on top of the taxi. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

But Edmond may not be the only one being charged in the incident. The Star reports a 42-year-old man involved in the violence against the car and, Benoit Kapelli, 23, who was run over — currently in stable condition in the hospital — could both be charged as well.

Here’s another, closer angle filmed of the violence and subsequent hit-and-run (Content Warning: Very disturbing images):

According to Gawker, Edmond’s attorney Yves Vaillancourt said Edmond felt he was under attack. “He didn’t understand why he (was arrested by the police). He feels like he was a victim, too,” Vaillancourt said.