Calif. Rep. Blanks on What Solyndra Is — Refers to It As Car Manufacturer

Californian Rep. Fortney “Pete” Stark is well known for being an atheist (a rarity for a U.S. politician) and for having a somewhat cantankerous disposition (especially when it comes opponents of President Obama’s signature healthcare law).

And now we can add one more thing to the list of fun facts about Rep. Stark: apparently, he has no idea what Solyndra is or what the now-defunct company used to produce. Or at least just had an embarrassing brain fart.

Rep. Stark “identified Fremont-based Solyndra — perhaps the nation’s most notorious solar energy firm and a lightening rod in the 2012 election — as a car manufacturer in his editorial board meeting this week, ”the SF Gate reports.

Apparently, Rep. Stark was thinking of electric car manufacturer Tesla Motors.

“I wish I had enough expense allowance to get one of those new ‘S’s’ that Solyndra’s going to make down there, the electric car…my 10 year old  (son) is after me,” Rep Stark said while commenting on new policies for Silicon Valley and high tech, including Solyndra.

“He no longer wants a Porsche. He wants dad to have an ‘S’ sedan,” Rep. Stark added, “They sound wild. They run $60,000-$90,000.”

Watch Rep. Stark’s comments via SF Chronicle:

Rep. Stark never corrected his mistake. In his world, Solyndra, the massive $535 million dollar flop, is an automaker.

“We’ll leave it to readers…to watch that session, unscripted and uncut: was Stark dazed and confused, and are the recent performances evidence that the Congressman may no longer be ‘fit’ for office?” the SF Gate asks.

Front page photo source: SF Gate.