This Steeplechase Race Involves One of the Funniest Bloopers You’ll Ever See

Here’s a tip (free of charge!): if you’re running a 3,000-meter steeplechase, don’t trip. Otherwise, you’ll slam into a barrier.

“I was seeing stars,” BYU senior Katy Andrews writes on her YouTube page, “I smacked my head and my thigh. The head bled; the thigh bruised.”

Andrews definitely deserves some credit: she not only uploaded the video to YouTube, which shows she’s a good sport, but she also managed to do two more laps before her coaches made her take a knee, which shows she’s made of fairly tough stuff.

But most importantly, she gave us a good laugh (and that’s what really matters). In fact, let’s see her dive from a different angle:

A photographer captured the moment, frame-by-glorious-frame.

“I just happened to be there with a GoPro HD Hero 2 waterproof camera shooting video for a review I’m writing of the camera,” Jaren Wilkey writes, “and it caught the whole crash.”

And now that we have an image-by-image breakdown of Andrews’ spill, “it’s obvious that, just after it happened, Andrews might have been laughing harder than anybody. Good for her,” writes Deadspin’s Dom Consentino.

Click here to see the entire HD breakdown of Andrews’ crash.