See the Horrific 2011 Video Showing Teen Mom Beating Baby That’s Going Viral

It’s a shocking incident that occurred in May 2011 but is just now circulating in the viral virtual world. A video uploaded to YouTube depicts a Malaysian teen mom violently beating her screaming baby. The mom has since been sent to prison for her actions and the baby is in a foster care home reportedly doing well, but that hasn’t stopped the video from drawing extreme criticism against the mother even a year later.

The four-minute video is so violent it is age restricted on YouTube. It shows the mother forcefully hitting the crying, face down 10-month-old with a pillow, slapping her with an open palm and pinching her all over her body. Even as the baby pushes herself up to crawl, the mother hits it back down and kicks it. Appearing to reach out to her for help, she swats the hand away.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)
(Image: YouTube screenshot)
(Image: YouTube screenshot)

If you think you can stomach it, here is footage of the heartbreaking treatment of the then 10-month-old (Content Warning: Graphic images showing the beating of a baby):

The YouTube video posted above already has more than half a million hits within a day of it being uploaded. This same post of the video has received nearly 11,000 comments within that time-frame, which include one wishing the mother would be hanged for her crime, others calling her foul names and more lamenting that no person, let alone a baby, should be subjected to such abuse. Dozens of YouTube users have also uploaded videos sharing their thoughts about this case.

So if, as CNN notes, the mother who was 18 at the time is already in the middle of serving her 18-month prison sentence for the crime and the baby is being well taken care of, why is this video going viral now? CNN speculates it could be because there was initially confusion as to when the incident originally took place, as is the case with many videos uploaded to YouTube. The local police in the Kuala Lumpur suburb where the incident happened are looking into why the leak occurred now. The police reportedly had seen the footage before as it was presented to them by a friend who was in the room at the time and began filming after the situation became concerning.

CNN also reports the Malaysian police posted on its Facebook page that it has been getting complaints and comments this week over the video as well. Fatimah Zuraidah Salleh, deputy director of the children division of the Social Welfare Department, is said the situation will be evaluated in November when the unnamed mother is set to be released should she seek to regain custody of her daughter.

WWLP (via CNN) in Massachusetts received many emails itself about the violent film and reports Dr. Stephen Boos of Baystate Medical Center’s Family Advocacy Center in Springfield lamenting that this isn’t the worst of it. “I’ve seen so much worse than that–regularly–and then there’s so much that we don’t see,” Boos said to WWLP. “So this is not uncommon in any way… It’s very common in our society.”

One question we can’t help but editorialize with this story and ask is if a person were in the room filming the situation (and it appears there is another standing in the corner), why didn’t they insert themselves to protect the helpless child?

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