MSNBC Guest Suggests Romney Wear ‘Scarlet B’ if Bullying Allegations Are True

(Photo: AP)

Al Sharpton argued on his show Politics Nation that it is “essential” to determine Mitt Romney’s character in light of the recent allegations of high school bullying.

Describing the controversy, Sharpton declared: “All of us could say, ‘why go back to someone 18 years old’… but the reaction, his response, is like ‘I don’t remember’ even when graphic details is described by others that were there.  I think that’s the character question…”

Sharpton’s guest, syndicated columnist Bob Franken, responded that the claim Romney doesn’t remember could possibly “feed” the idea that Romney is either a “liar or a deceiver.”

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“To dismiss all of this as a prank…when we’re talking about what was arguably criminal assault, and arguably something that if he did remember it, there should not just be an apology but some sort of expression of shame…somebody who was a bully, as we now know, can possibly have a negative influence on a person’s whole life, and as a matter of fact, the victim of this assault is somebody who drifted through the rest of life and died of liver cancer.  You almost want to think that somebody who is so guilty of bullying should carry a scarlet ‘B’ on his forehead until he meaningfully apologizes,” he said [Emphasis added].

Watch the video, via Hot Air Pundit, below:

Which leaves many asking– is Bob Franken actually implying that Mitt Romney’s theoretical high school bullying–in which he supposedly made fun of the boy’s hair– resulted in this man “drifting” through the rest of his life, to eventually die of liver cancer?  While he was careful to say, “if this is true,” the insinuation is pretty clear.

And a “Scarlet B,” in the form of Hester Prynne?  Confused by the analogy, some ask whether bullying has become as morally ostracizing as adultery once was.

The family of the alleged bully victim has spoken out to say they are aggrieved that the man’s memory is being used to further a political agenda, and, indeed, the portrayal of him is “factually incorrect.”

(H/T: Hot Air Pundit)