Biden Comes Unhinged in Angry Ohio Speech: ‘They Dont Get Us!’

Could this be Joe Biden’s Howard Dean moment? Watch, listen, and wonder as the Vice President comes unhinged during a campaign speech in Youngstown, Ohio:

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There are plenty of gems in that segment, but how about when he seems to catch himself while discussing his parents telling him he could be president if he wanted to, only to realize quickly he only ended up being vice president:

My mother believed and my father believed, that if I wanted president of the United States, I could be, I could be vice president. [Actual quote as it was delivered]

There’s also this:

I resent the fact that they think we’re talking about, we’re envy* — “it’s job envy”, “it’s wealth envy.” [Emphasis added]

I wonder where they get that idea, Joe.

By the way, we’ve captured just some of the facial expressions he used during the rant. Talk about wild eyes:

The Ohio speech comes on the heels of one he gave to students that caused the Beck radio team to speculate if he was “medicated.”

Maybe they weren’t that far off. Or maybe it’s that he went off of it in Ohio.

(H/T: Wiseuppeopletv)

*It originally appeared Biden said “angry.” But after watching a few more times, we believe he said “envy.”