MSNBC Anchor Praises NYC’s Large Drink Ban (That Includes Some Coffees) …While Sipping from Giant Starbucks Cup

In between sips of what appears to be a venti (20 ounce) Starbucks coffee, MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski defended New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s proposed ban on sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces (which includes some coffee) as a “great idea.”

“Does anyone want to challenge me on that?” she asked her co-host, Joe Scarborough, and the other panelists.

No one challenged her.

“It’s like drinking a big glass of sugar,” Brzezinski continued, “of poison.”

But she wasn’t done. She really, really thinks the proposed ban is a great idea.

“Does anyone think their kid should drink this entire thing in the course of the day?” she asked, soda in hand. “How about every day? How about three times a week? Well, guess what’s happening out there? That’s what’s happening. And that’s why the majority of the nation’s children are obese.”

But here’s the funny part: it seems the “Morning Joe” crew is not just against sugary drinks, but also against (what they think are) excessively large portions. In fact, they all have a good giggle about how ridiculous it is that someone can go into a convenience store and buy a drink so large that it won’t fit in a car’s cup holder.

But if portions are the problem, then what do you say about Brzezinski’s venti-sized coffee?

Watch the “Morning Joe” segment via Mediaite:

“And with that, Mika Brzezinski gives new life to the term ‘latte-sipping liberal,’” writes Mediaite’s Andrew Kirell. “By capping off the segment with a hearty swig from her large coffee cup, she embodies that exact sort of out-of-touch, ‘good for me but not for thee’ liberal.”

However, it should be noted that under the proposed ban, non-sweetened coffees are exempt (regardless of size). Still, it seems odd that while decrying the size of drinks available for purchase, Brzezinski’s drinking a large cup of coffee.

(H/T: Charlie Spiering Washington Examiner)