You Can’t Make This Up: Artist Transforms His Dead Cat Into Flying Quadrotor

We’ve seen a lot of quadrotor drones here at the Blaze but never expected to see anything like this. An artist has taken similar technology — a remote-controlled Lotus T580 — and made it into a feline’s ultimate revenge against its taunting feathered friends.

"Orvillecopter" (Image: YouTube screenshot)

Meet the “Orvillecopter” created by Dutch artist Bart Jansen. Jansen took his taxidermied cat — Orville — and strapped him to four of these remote controlled helicopters. Check out his first semi-successful test from March:

As the YouTube description states, the Orvillecopter is “half cat, half machine.” Orville, if you hadn’t guessed already, was named after Orville Wright of the famed Wright Brothers. Although killed by a car, Orville can now chase the birds — or at least cows — he used to watch while being constrained to the ground during his earthly life.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)
(Image: YouTube screenshot)
(Image: YouTube screenshot)
Orville terrorizing cows. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

GeekOSystem writes the Orvillecopter has also more recently received some more powerful upgrades to improve flight. See that version here:

Here’s another from later in May documenting a “final test” of the “cat ‘copter”:

If you by chance are in Amsterdam, you can view the Orvillecopter in person at the Kunstrai art festival.

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