See the New Jimmy Kimmel Prank Involving Kids & a Fake Lie Detector (Over 1M Views)

Late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel has struck comedic gold with his reaction videos where parents have tricked children into thinking they had eaten all their Halloween candy or that they’d received the lamest Christmas present ever.

Now, he’s leaving the parents out of it and taking the trick into his own hands.

Explaining that good sportsmanship and honesty are “more important than anything when it comes to sports,” he has taken it upon himself to — ironically — share this lesson with “the next generation of professional athletes.” Using a fake lie detector machine, complete with a metal colander helmet, Kimmel dons his lie detective suspenders and, with the disturbing “truth fairy” standing by, proceeds to question the 7-year-old Blake.

Blake and the "truth fairy" (Image: YouTube screenshot)
Lie Detective Kimmel (Image: YouTube screenshot)

Kimmel: “Do you like school?”

Blake: “Yes”


Kimmel again: “Do you like school?”

Blake: “No”

Kimmel: “Why not?”

Blake: “Because I’m bad at science.”

Blake in full, fake lie detector gear, which includes a helmet, finger monitors and a blood-pressure arm band. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

Blake reveals he does like math, to which Kimmel asks “What’s 8+8?” Although Blake answers correctly, he gets a wrong buzzer. He already knows better than to push his luck in protest, although the internal war shows on his face.

Watch the whole clip for yourself to see how it goes when Blake is asked if he’s peed in the pool before; if dad is smarter than mom; and if mom ever ever does dumb things:

Blake, testing his limits, may tell a couple lies but after the lie-revealing buzzer, he amends his ways. The buzzer is so effective at pulling out the answer Kimmel wants to hear that even when Blake may very well be telling the truth, he reverses his stance to not hear the dreaded sound again.

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(H/T: Buzzfeed)