New Black Panther Party: ‘We Will Not Sit Back Passively Like Jews and Go to the Gas Chambers’

The Blaze’s Kathleen D’Urso Contributed to this report.

According To the New Black Panthers Radio:

  • White people have beengiven a social license to kill based on their white skin privilege.”
  • President Obama is “a black face in a high place” and cannot stop racism
  • White people are pushing “crack cocaine & AIDS” at black people
  • Black people “will not sit back passively like Jews and go to the gas chambers”
  • Goal is to create “whole new society, a society that’s basically an updated grade of socialism”
  • Black Panthers must “destroy the classes, we have to destroy the white supremacy
Listen to the offensive audio:
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Read the transcript:

Host: Yes sir, Yes sir, what does George Zimmerman mean? What have you researched with this George Zimmerman? What does George Zimmerman’s situation mean for us as people?

Black Panther: It shows us how these demons, no matter whether they have the social license to kill, have police, or whether they just average so called citizens in America.  We have to understand that they’ve been given a social license to kill based on their white skin privilege.  Based on their white skin, they think they can kill us and get away with it.  This shows us that racism really exists in America, no matter if you get a black face in a high place [raises voice] like Obama and any other mayors and politicians.  It shows that we are economically, politically, socially, and military powerless against these demons.  No matter what, a black face in a high place will never change our situation as a people.  And they constantly pushing this crack cocaine in, they constantly pushing AIDS at us…all of these things shows us that we are facin’ extermination .  And if we’re facin’ extermination then this calls for us to stand up and resist.  We will not [yells] sit back passively like Jews and go to the gas chambers, we will resist by any means necessary

Host: Absolutely, absolutely.  Do you think that there’s a considerate effort to make the people disarmed and powerless?

Black Panther: There’s always an effort to deny the black man and black woman the ability to defend they-selves.  This is why they constantly pushed on the plantation that we shouldn’t go near a stick or a bush cuz’ they thought we was gonna bust they head with it.  So, we have to understand they are always tryin’ to keep the people who are oppressed powerless and defenseless.  Our thing is to educate our people – if we did all that negative stuff for a gang color, if we did all that stuff because we were just irritated and frustrated cuz’ we was feeling so hatred…then imagine what we gonna do when we feel and recognize who the real enemy is.  And recognize who the men are pressin’ us economically, politically, socially and [raises voice] especially militarily.  Then, we will resist in every fast and we will set up the program, we’ll set up the businesses, we will begin to take back full control of our community [raises voice] from the fastest state.

Host: At the end of it all, at the end of it all, General Tako, in your estimation, what is it that we’ll see?  After the fight, after the program is established, what is it that we’re strivin’ for so that the people are clear that we know.

Black Panther: See, our major thing is to set up a whole new society, a society that’s basically an updated grade of socialism.  And that’s what we call inter-communalism, [yells] but it will be black controlled and black ran.  Black people will rule and dominate this planet on the guest star press a ruling class.  We must set this up for us, in order for us to have an inter-communal society on the planet.  We have to destroy the classes, we have to destroy the white supremacy, and then we’ll be able to develop.  Then we’ll be able to set up housing.  Then we’ll be able to set up education.  We must push for a whole new society cuz’ this one is corrupt and decadent.  [yells] We will have power, we will have our freedom by any means necessary or we will destroy the earth to make sure it happens.”

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