How Does Beck Predict the Election Will Go? See His Electoral Map Here (And Do Your Own)

On yesterday’s “Fourth Hour” — the hour-long program after the Glenn Beck radio program on GBTV — Beck’s co-hosts Pat and Stu found a fun new tool that let them decide how the 2012 election would go in the fall. It’s called, and it allows you to pick which states each candidate will win come November.

“You can now share your personal 2012 election map with others,” the site explains. “This can be a map where you forecast all 50 states, or you can leave some states undecided that you think will be up for grabs. It is up to you. Share your predictions via social media, email or blog.”

It allows you to select a variety of “starting views,” including the results from the 2008 election, 2012 toss up states, or simply a blank map.

The name comes from the amount of electoral college votes needed to win the presidency.

Friday, the Beck radio team went over their own scenarios. How did Beck predict it? Let’s just say he’s calling it mostly a sweep (with Romney likely taking Canada, too):

According to Stu, it’s all coming down to Virginia:

And Pat? Even with Wisconsin and Colorado going to Obama, he has Romney taking Florida and the election:

Create your own map and share it here.