‘Shame on You’: Democrats Blame ‘Evil’ Republicans & the NRA for Fast and Furious Fallout

You would think a party that just had one of their landmark pieces of legislation validated by an unfriendly court would be more happy today. However, Congressional Democrats apparently see the historical vote to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt as a far more dangerous problem, and have spent all day blaming practically everyone they can think of for politicizing this issue and victimizing Holder, rather than doing any soul searching whatsoever.

And no matter how thoroughly unsurprising that may be, the reactions they’ve put out have still been priceless. Start with this gem from Eleanor Holmes Norton of DC, who (somehow) manages to blame not the Justice Department, but the NRA, for the death of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry:

Any doubt that today’s contempt resolution is political was put to rest when the NRA joined in to blow-torch vulnerable Democrats to vote for contempt today,” Norton said on the House floor. “The gun lobby is directly responsible for the gap in federal law that allowed purchases of guns here that were sold in Mexico and ultimately for the tragic death of a border agent. Yet our committee spent no time on the root cause of the tragedy because of a political mandate from the gun lobby.”

Eleanor Holmes Norton

Norton has made no move to substantiate this claim. Nevertheless, it is reflective of a wider effort by the Democratic leadership to portray today’s vote as a historically partisan, vicious and baseless attack on a selfless public servant, that public servant being Eric Holder. Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-MD), for instance, led his colleagues in a chant of “shame on you” on MSNBC:

And then, apparently in the same segment, Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC), claimed that “there’s something evil about using the procedures of the House…to further political aims.” Watch this below:

Please note: Not one of the people quoted appears to care at all whether Holder did anything wrong. As far as they’re concerned, he is blameless and this is an entirely partisan project, never mind that most of the evidence isn’t available precisely because the Justice Department won’t release it.