We Know You Want to See the ‘Crossbow Revolver’ That Lets You Shoot 4 Arrows Without Reloading

Joerg Sprave — a.k.a. the Slingshot Channel guy or the guy who has brought you information on how to weaponize office supplies and even trash — is pulling together another ridiculously unnecessary (yet still fascinating) combo weapon.

What’s up his sleeve this time? A crossbow revolver.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)
(Image: YouTube screenshot)

Here’s how Sprave would describe the weapon:

Using rubber as energy storage for crossbows allows much more narrow outlines than steel. This inspired us here at The Slingshot Channel to make a four shot crossbow! The weapon can shoot arrows equipped with field tips as well as broadheads.

It is possible to fire all four arrows in quick succession, or to shoot them in two pairs. The accuracy is excellent due to a very practical arrow guide made from cheap toothbrushes.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)
(Image: YouTube screenshot)

Watch Sprave test out the weapon:

Sprave concedes it could use some cosmic refinishing — it’s only half finished so we’ll give the guy a break. Still, like many of Sprave’s weapons, “it is fully functional and reliable.”

Stay tuned and Sprave will show off the finished version soon.

(H/T: Gizmodo)


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