Sarah Palin Takes on Health Care During ‘The Five’ (And You’ll Want to Hear Her Advice for George Stephanopoulos)

(Photo: Screen Shot/Fox News)

Sarah Palin appeared on Fox’s ‘The Five’ Friday, where she discussed the president’s new health care law, its implications, and how it can be overturned.

After explaining how she can see “both sides” of the conservative argument– both that the bill should not have been passed, but at least it was passed as a tax– Palin discussed the “deceptive” way the bill was sold to the American people.  For instance, the president repeatedly assured the public that the measure was not a tax increase, when that is exactly what it was deemed by the Supreme Court.

“Governor, the deception– does that include death panels there that were never real, that you said were in the bill?” Bob Beckel asked, trying to stump Palin.

Without missing a beat, Palin responded: “There is a faceless bureaucratic panel – the acronym is the IPAB, and the IPAB…will tell you, Bob, whether your level of productivity in society is worthy of receiving their rationed care that will be the result of Obamacare…It defies all economic and common sense to ever consider that care won’t be rationed when, obviously, with more and more enrollees in the program and fewer and fewer services being provided, because it will be so inefficient and expensive and bureaucratic…it will be rationed.”

From there, Greg Gutfeld mentioned a report saying that 100,000 elderly patients are euthanized prematurely in the U.K. because they don’t have enough beds.

“Inevitably, this is what happens,” he noted, before adding: “Can someone lie if they didn’t know what they were talking about or doing?”

Watch the entire segment, via Mediaite, below:

From there, Palin called out George Stephanopolous for a memorable interview in which the president insulted him for suggesting that the health care bill was a tax.

“He tried to school George, he got in his face and he said: ‘This isn’t a tax, what are you talking about?  Quit spinning this, George,’” Palin recalled.

“I expect George to step up and say: ‘President Obama, you were wrong then or you lied to me, meaning you lied to the people of America.  Are you going to correct yourself now?’”

The ‘Five’ group said that, from Stephanopolous, it would be unwise to “hold your breath.”

(H/T: Mediaite)