‘Fire in the Sky’: What Formed This Streak That Lasted 20 Minutes in the Australian Sky?

Those in Perth, Australia, were enraptured by what is believed to be a meteorite trail left after the ball of fire allegedly fell into the ocean. Perth Now reports the streak remained in the sky for 20 minutes before dissipating.

(Photo: Pip Moir/Perth Now)

According to Perth Now, the streak was seen just before sunset on Friday evening. The publication contacted a spokesperson for the Bureau of Meteorology who could not confirm if it was or wasn’t a meteorite, and neither the Perth Observatory nor Astronomy WA responded with a comment.

Perth Now reports onlookers debating what could have caused the streak. Local resident and manager of a cafe Daniel Jongue said “it looked like vapor. It was red, orange and yellow and quite beautiful.”

(Photo: Gavin Trought/Perth Now)

According to Universe Today, meteorites can leave streaks in the sky that last for more than a minute.

What do you think? Could this have been caused by a meteorite or was light simply reflecting off of water vapor in clouds?

(H/T: Daily Mail)