Horrifying: Taliban Seemingly Executes ‘Adulterous’ Woman In Front of 150 Men

A member of the 'religious police' beats a group of women (Photo: RAWA via Wiki Commons)

Reuters has obtained three-minute video that seemingly shows a woman being executed “to cheers of jubilation” from roughly 150 men in a village near Kabul.  It seems as though not one interfered– rather, they seemed ecstatic.

“It is the order of Allah that she be executed,” one man says, as another remarks, “Allah warns us not to get close to adultery because it’s the wrong way” as the executioner approaches.

The woman was reportedly kneeling in the dirt, most of her body wrapped tightly in a shawl, as a man shot her five times in the head at close range with an automatic rifle.

She then fell sideways as onlookers yelled, “Long live the Afghan mujahideen! (Islamist fighters)”, a name the Taliban sometimes use for themselves.

AP File Photo

“When I saw this video, I closed my eyes … The woman was not guilty; the Taliban are guilty,” Provincial Governor Basir Salangi told Reuters.

But what can he do about it?  Since the Taliban government was toppled by the United States in 2001, Afghan women have obtained basic rights in education, voting and work, but it is still shaky.

Now that the United States and Afghanistan’s current government are trying to make peace with the Taliban, it seems as though those rights are disappearing rapidly.

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Reuters elaborates:

…Fears are rising among Afghan women, some lawmakers and rights activists that such freedoms could be traded away as the Afghan government and the United States pursue talks with the Taliban to secure a peaceful end to the war.

Violence against women has increased sharply in the past year, according to Afghanistan’s independent human rights commission. Activists say there is waning interest in women’s rights on the part of President Hamid Karzai’s government.

“After 10 years (of foreign intervention), and only a few kilometres from Kabul… how could this happen in front of all these people?” female lawmaker Fawzia Koofi said of the public execution in Parwan.

AP File Photo

Salangi told Reuters that the woman had been “sexually involved” with two Taliban commanders, though it is unclear if that “involvement” was rape, and to settle the dispute the men decided to torture and kill her.

“They are outlaws, murderers, and like savages they killed the woman,” he said, noting that the Taliban still has considerable power in his province.

Earlier this week, a woman and two of her children were beheaded in eastern Afghanistan by the woman’s ex-husband, according to police.

Such “honor killings” have been on the rise, according to reports.

Though Reuters describes the video, it does not include it in the related post.


Video has surfaced of the horrifying event, and it is, if possible, even worse than described.

The man continues shooting the woman long after she has toppled to the ground, and no one even seems disturbed, let alone outraged or appalled.

You can see the entire clip below, but again, extreme content warning: