Photo: Minn. Man Accidentally Kills 40,000-Sq-Ft Lawn Right Before He Was Set to Host Cystic Fibrosis Event

A bottle of almost anything these days will recommend customers read the label and directions carefully before using any of the product. Rob Olson of Lake Elmo, Minn., would have been wise to do so more carefully.

Olson was slated to host a fundraiser for cystic fibrosis in his expansive, 40,000-square-foot backyard, but thanks to advice from a local garden center and tiny print on a bottle of weed killer, the fundraiser has been canceled. According to KARE 11, Olson’s bottle of Ferti-lome did more than its job on his yard. It killed everything.

Rob Olson stands in his yard. (Image: KARE screenshot)
You can easily spot the patches that were missed by the weed and grass killer. (Image: KARE screenshot)

It turns out, there is one mention on the bottle that the product is actually a weed and grass killer. Olson’s entire yard was accidentally destroyed.

Here’s more from KARE on Olson’s thoughts and what he is doing now about the situation:

Olson believes the mistake is less the fault of the garden center than the labels used by Ferti-lome.

In an email, Geneva Aragon, a Ferti-lome spokesperson, pointed out instructions “related directly to the product” are contained in a booklet fixed to the back of the bottle.

On the second page of the eight-page booklet, customers are warned to not use the spray on desirable plants or lawns. There is one additional reference to “Weed & Grass Control” on the front of the bottle.

Olson believes the warning should have been clearer and more prominent. “I think the packaging should say right on it, this will kill your lawn.”

"Grass" is mentioned as one of the plants killed by the product. (Image: KARE screenshot)

Watch the report where the reporter makes note that “the only green areas are those he missed” applying the product:

As for the canceled fundraiser, Olson, whose two sons have cystic fibrosis, was disappointed not to fund another venue for the event in time. He told KARE that last year the fundraiser he held raised $20,000.

(H/T: Daily Mail)