Bear Terrifies Shoppers After Wandering Into Pittsburgh-Area Sears

(Photo: TRIB via the New York Daily News)

Authorities say they have no idea why a bear walked across the parking lot and through the automatic doors of a Pittsburgh-area Sears Saturday night, but they were able to contain the situation.

Panicked shoppers were promptly evacuated as the bear ran up and down the aisles, according to the BBC.

The beast, estimated to be 1 1/2 years old, reportedly growled at customers before getting stuck in another pair of double doors.

WTAE has more information, and video of the unusual event:

“It darted past several people. They didn’t even know it was a bear,” shopper Matt Marcinik told local media.

Michelle Eckert added: “As we got to the exit, one employee says: ‘There’s a bear!’ And we all look at each other, and we just run out.”

The animal was eventually tranquilized by the Pennsylvania Game Commission and removed from the mall.  No injuries were reported, but the bear appeared to be bleeding as it was maneuvered outside.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.