Dana Loesch Rocks FreePAC by Going After the Media: Supposed to be Our Watch Dog, ‘Not Obama’s Lap Dog’

Dana Loesch speaking at the 2012 FreePAC event. (Photo: Jon Seidl/TheBlaze)

Conservative media personality Dana Loesch sent American Airlines Center erupting with an anti-establishment-media message in Dallas, TX. Loesch was a featured speaker at the FreePAC event that coincides with Glenn Beck’s Restoring Love event.

“The media is supposed to be our watch dog, not Barack Obama’s lap dog,” Loesch said to thunderous applause. The comment came after she blasted ABC and reporter Brian Ross for incorrectly linking “Dark Knight” shooting suspect James Holmes to the Tea Party.

“It is our privilege and our responsibility [to] police the government…we’ll police the media, too,” she added.

Loesch also listed examples where the media had incorrectly blamed conservatives for violence. You can see some of those examples here.

“This is our country, our media, we’re going to make sure it’s accurately reflected in the history books,” she concluded.

You can watch her entire speech below: