‘The Tragic Kingdom’: Anaheim Protesters Take Their Message to Disneyland

One protester called Disneyland, often referred to as the "Magic Kingdom" as the "Tragic Kingdom." (Photo: KABC)

Last weekend, demonstrators stormed a police station in Anaheim, California to protest an officer-involved shooting that left a man dead, according to police.

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Now, a mixture of groups– including a representative from the “Occupy” movement– have moved their message to the “Magic Kingdom” of Disneyland, afraid their voices were no longer being heard from Anaheim.

(Photo: KABC)

KABC has more information on the latest developments:

The protesters were peaceful as they made their voices heard. They said they want the Anaheim police chief removed from his position and they want the police department put under a microscope to explain what is behind the string of shootings.

“What I hope to accomplish here today and the rest of us, [is] that the people are aware of what’s happening here in the city of Anaheim and that we want the police to be accountable for their actions,” said protester Yvonne Elizondo.


Authorities say Diaz, a documented gang member from Santa Ana according to police, reached for his waistband before he was shot and killed by officers July 21. Officers said Diaz, who had a criminal record, failed to heed orders and threw something as he fled police. It was later confirmed that Diaz was not armed.

Police also shot and killed Joel Acevedo, a documented gang member from Anaheim according to police. Officials say Acevedo shot at officers at the end of a pursuit July 22 in a stolen SUV.

Watch video of the protests, below:

But why take the demonstration to Disneyland, of all places?  Perhaps because, due to the violence and vandalism the protesters seem to bring, a number of them were seemingly not allowed to attend a City Council meeting.  KABC continues:

Anaheim police have doubled their patrol since Tuesday night – that’s when protesters were angry they were not allowed in to the already-packed City Council meeting. People took to the streets and 20 businesses were vandalized. Officers arrested 24 people.

Barriers were also put up Friday around the Anaheim Police Department headquarters in the event any of the demonstrations nearby get out of hand. Authorities want to prevent people from vandalizing the building.

But not everyone at Disneyland was convinced by the protests.

Police on horseback monitored the protests. (Photo: KABC)

One woman, who said she was actually from Anaheim, commented: “It’s how you choose to live your life.  If you wake up every day to go to work, okay.  If you wake up every day to steal a car, hey, you know what, that’s going to happen to you.”

When asked if he still sees Disneyland as “happiest place on earth,” one boy simply responded, “yeah.”

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