Inspiring Blaze Video Captures Restoring Love Attendees Sharing Their Reactions: ‘I’m Bringing My Country Back’

If you missed the live video of Restoring Love, be sure to watch it on-demand — see how here.

The three days of Restoring Love concluded Saturday night with tens of thousands of people packed into Cowboys Stadium for two hours of music, history and inspiration.  The mainstream media covered the event  to an extent, but in the end Restoring Love was not about the media.  It was about the people in the stadium, and those who serve around out country and their families.

The Blaze caught up with attendees immediately after the event.  Children, veterans and whole families wandered the stadium floor, many of which had traveled hundreds and sometimes thousands of miles to attend.

One proud attendee, who was celebrating her 80th birthday, offered her breathless take on the event:

“[Beck] brought us all home.  He brought us all to the America we need to be.  We lost it a while back,  We forgot what we were doing. We all sat back and did nothing.  I wasn’t really involved in politics, but since 2009, I’m adamant.  I’m bringing my country back, that’s all there is to it.”

The reactions from an overwhelmed, inspired audience says it all:

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