While mainstream media bias in America may be considered subtle to some, people who hail from Communist, even Fascist regimes, frequently share a common observation about President Obama, who they view as a cult of personality aided by a propaganda apparatus similar to that found in the former Soviet Union. And Glenn Beck agrees.

On Tuesday evening, Beck compared examples of media coverage in world dictatorships with that of the mainstream in America. To illustrate, consider the type of effusive, glowing praise the North Korean media heaped on Kim Jong-il, painting him as a “sacred,” almost celestial creatures too good to have been born of this earth. Likewise, news outlets stateside are enthusiastically promoting a story that Barack Obama was descended from the “very first slave,” thereby painting him as a divine, almost folkloric figure.

According to the genealogists at Ancestry.com, Obama is likely the 11th great-grandson of John Punch, the first documented American slave. The irony is that the family tree in question places Obama’s noble lineage as having come through its maternal branches. Yes, Ancestry.com posits that President Obama descended from the first American slave through his Caucasian mother, Stanley Ann Dunham.

Then of course the media lauded the “beautiful” $6,800 blouse worn by Michelle Obama, who they essentially said put Princess Kate Middleton to shame. Yet when Ann Romney wore a $990 shirt during an interview, the Washington Post (the outlet that praised the First Lady’s nearly $7,000-blouse) maintained that Romney was out of touch with ordinary Americans and that her disconnect would hurt her husband’s campaign. Romney was also chastised for not spending that thousand dollars on household items at Walmart like most everyday Americans would have done.

Despite being wealthy, Beck noted that he has “never even seen a $7,000 shirt let alone buy one.”

The striking resemblance between American and propagandist media coverage across the world’s various dictatorships can also be seen by examining the official Communist newspaper of the former Soviet Union, “Pravda.” Pravda spun Vladimir Lenin, and later Joseph Stalin’s talking points into the Russian mainstream on a daily basis.

To ensure the correct ideological spin was placed on every news item, Beck noted that Pravda even praised Stalin’s non-aggression pact with Hitler. Later, when the nuclear meltdown at Chernobyl happened Pravda didn’t even issue a report until two days later — and only did eventually because Sweden kept calling upon them to do so.

“Make no mistake, our press is turning into Pravda,” Beck noted before explaining that our media is indeed acting as a propaganda arm for the Left.

Beck mapped out the similarities on Tuesday evening, reaffirming what many already believe to be true — that the mainstream media has lost any journalistic integrity it may have once had. From the Department of Justice to the Department of Homeland Security, it seems the media, and in fact the mainstream world is toeing the party line.

“The truth is not be reported,” he said before urging everyday Americans to keep a journal of what is really happening in the world.