Mitt Romney Press Secretary Rick Gorka Tells CNN, New York Times Reporters to Kiss My A** in Warsaw, Poland | Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Governor Mitt Romney (C), prepares to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on July 31, 2012 in Warsaw, Poland. (Photo: Getty Images)

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s international trip was just starting to look up when his traveling Press Secretary, Rick Gorka, told reporters to “kiss my a**.”

Romney received the de facto endorsement of the influential former Polish president Lech Walesa yesterday. But today, during a visit to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Warsaw, things took a turn.

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After the Romney family laid a wreath at the memorial and paid their respects, a group of CNN, New York Times, and Washington Post reporters, it seems, starting yelling at the governor about the “gaffes” of his trip.

CNN provided a transcript of the altercation:

CNN: “Governor Romney are you concerned about some of the mishaps of your trip?”

NYT: “Governor Romney do you have a statement for the Palestinians?”

Washington Post: “What about your gaffes?”

NYT: “Governor Romney do you feel that your gaffes have overshadowed your foreign trip?”

CNN: “Governor Romney just a few questions sir, you haven’t taken but three questions on this trip from the press!”

Gorka: “Show some respect”

NYT: “We haven’t had another chance to ask a question…”

Gorka: “Kiss my ass. This is a Holy site for the Polish people. Show some respect.”

Moments later, Gorka told Jonathan Martin, a reporter for Politico, to “shove it.”

Here is video:

The aide later called reporters to apologize, but the Obama camp made sure to jump on the incident.

Jen Psaki, the deputy campaign press secretary for the administration, commented that Romney has now made a “series of fumbles.”

“He’s been fumbling the foreign policy football from country to country. And there’s a threshold question that he has to answer for the American people and that’s whether he’s prepared to be commander-in-chief…. This raises some questions about his preparedness,” she added.

(H/T: Mediaite)