So Here Are the 7 Pictures From the Chick-fil-A ‘Kiss-In’ Protest That You May or May Not Want to See

WARNING! This post may contain images that will offend some viewers and is NSFW. Discretion is advised.

As you probably know, the national “kiss in” day at Chick-fil-A was today. And while some branches of the store faced relative calm amidst this veritable storm of pro-gay sentiment, others weren’t so lucky. One Hollywood Chick-fil-A outlet had to call the police after it was vandalized, and in general, the whole thing appears to have been a bit of an excuse for rampant disarray.

And much of that disarray has been caught on-camera, whether by the wire services, or by enterprising, courageous conservatives like Zombie at PJ Media and Ringo of So without further ado, we present the 5 most bizarre photos of today’s kiss-in. Be warned, some of these may include disturbing language and/or concepts:

#7. “Intolerance tastes terrible”

Photo Credit: Getty

#6. “Eat more Oreos”

Photo Credit: AP

#5. “Jesus ate fish”

Photo Credit: Getty

#4. “Miss Piggy is angry.”

Photo Credit: Getty

#3. “Tastes like hate”

Photo Credit: LA Times

#2. “I <3 <3 <3 Polygamy.”

Photo Credit: Ringo's Pictures

And the #1 most offensive and bizarre photo to come out of the “Kiss in”…

#1. “Jesus is a C**t”