MoveOn Casting Notice Calls for ‘Non-Union’ Actors

Editor’s note: See update below.

A casting notice posted online for an upcoming ad calls for “non-union” actors — a perhaps curious stipulation given the organization’s progressive political leanings.

The notice, posted late Friday afternoon on, is for a public service announcement titled “Oath.” The posting was scheduled to end Sunday.

MoveOn casting non-union
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It calls for actors to fill a dozen different roles, including an “Asian businessman,” “Caucasian single mother,” “Indian nurse” and a “Mitt Romney body double.”

MoveOn PSA non union actor

The “non-union” requirement certainly seems at odds with MoveOn’s pro-union postings, particularly this one.

It’s possible did not directly make the stipulation itself; an organization representative did not immediately respond to an emailed request for comment Saturday.

Update: Nick Berning,’s communications director, wrote in an email to TheBlaze Saturday night:

“MoveOn’s policy is to use union talent, and that has not changed. This listing was a mistake by a production company and the listings are being corrected.”

Update II: The “non-union” descriptor was still there as of midday Sunday.

(h/t Republican Party Animals)