Blaze Poll: Should The First Lady Get A Paycheck? (President Obama Seems To Think So)

Should the First Lady get a paycheck? It’s an interesting question.

Credit: AP

The President was speaking to a group of supporters today — mostly women — in Denver and he appeared to float the idea. (He mentions it about :45 into this clip)

Some might argue that the First Lady does get compensated — not with a salary, but with considerable perks that come with her husband’s job.

  • She virtually lives without cost (and in a pretty fancy place that she was allowed to redecorate without the budget constraints faced by most Americans).
  • Her “weekend home” — Camp David — is certainly one that most of us would consider to be worth visiting almost every month.
  • Michelle Obama has a liberal vacation allowance, with a private jet that she can and does use day and night.
  • Her private security (Secret Service) keeps the First Lady safe at all times.
  • The First Lady also has a personal staff numbering 24. (Hillary Clinton had 19, Laura Bush 18)
Although the President and Mrs. Obama are given a bill each month for the food they eat, toiletries they use and things like dry cleaning, she never has to wait in line, worry about getting decent seats at the Olympics or a hot concert, and every designer in the country wants Michelle to wear their clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Does she really need a salary?

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