Hezbollah Official Walid Sakariya: Iranian Nuke Meant to Finish Off Israel

Image source: MEMRI

A top Hezbollah official said Iran’s nuclear program is “meant to create a balance of terror with Israel” and “finish off the Zionist enterprise.”

Appearing on the Hezbollah-affiliated Al-Manar Lebanese television station this week, Retired general and current Hezbollah MP Walid Sakariya said a nuclear Iran would serve both Syria and Iran’s needs — namely, the end of the Jewish state.

“My analysis is the following — if Iran becomes a nuclear state, the entire equation in the Middle East will change,” Sakariya said in a television clip recorded and translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute.

He continued, “This nuclear weapon is meant to create a balance of terror with Israel, to finish off the Zionist enterprise, and to end all Israeli aggression against the Arab nation.”


(h/t Times of Israel)