The Worst Photo Caption of All Time? See It Here

Accidental death is rarely, if ever, funny, for the simple reason that the loss of human life is generally such a sober occurrence that it wipes out any potential humor in a situation. However, don’t tell the editors of the Western Mail, a Welsh daily newspaper. The people who write their photo captions apparently find death hilarious; so hilarious that they openly advertise this fact through those very captions.

Following the recent death of airport manager Bob Jones in a plane crash, the Welsh Mail ran a photo of Jones alongside its story about the crash. The photo was captioned with what some observers are calling the “worst caption fail of all time.” How bad was it? See below:

For those who don’t know, “LOL” is an internet initialism standing for “Laugh Out Loud.” In other words, the photo caption might as well have said “Ha ha ha, this airport manager died.” Classy.

The newspaper has apologized for the error. No word yet as to whether the anonymous caption wizard involved has been disciplined, though apparently the mistake is under internal investigation.

H/T Press Gazette