‘They May Not Know What They’re Up Against’: Rush Limbaugh Blasts Andrea Saul Response to Priorities USA Ad

Mitt Romney spokesperson Andrea Saul’s response to the infamous new ad by an Obama supporting Super PAC has made her a cursed figure in the eyes of many conservatives. Ann Coulter and Erick Erickson have already spoken out against Saul, even going so far as to call for her firing. So it was only a matter of time before Rush Limbaugh, arguably the last word in conservative media figures, took a stance on the issue.

And predictably enough, Rush is not a fan of Ms. Saul, though not for the reason you might think. He’s actually angry at Saul not for implicitly legitimizing Romneycare, but instead for accepting the idea that Governor Romney had anything to do with the death of a woman, as is implied by the Obama ad.

“They’re just accepting the premise here: Romney killed my wife!” Limbaugh thundered on his show. “They may not know what they’re up against.”

Listen to Rush’s 11 minute segment on Andrea Saul’s defense of Romney below, courtesy of the Daily Rushbo: