Woman Files Lawsuit Claiming Cop ‘Forcibly’ Pulled Out Her Tampon Over ‘Stop Sign Violation’

Last July, after making what she thought was a routine stop at a stop sign, Florida mother of two Leila Tarantino was pulled over by a cop, who yanked her out of her car and handcuffed her while wielding a gun, all the while refusing to explain why she’d been stopped.

Tarantino was then tossed unceremoniously in the back of the officer’s squad car while he called for backup – again, without explanation.

Leila Tarantino

When the backup arrived, consisting of five other officers, Tarantino was strip-searched in front of her children and in full view of the road, during which the lone female officer pulled out her tampon in order to inspect her body. Despite the inspection being allegedly motivated by suspicion of drug use, no drug-sniffing dogs were called in, and Tarantino was still given no explanation for the suspicion of the police. Tarantino was, however, released with a citation.

At least, this is what happened if you believe Leila Tarantino’s lawsuit, filed this month against the Citrus County Police Department. While the officers have not been named, Citrus County Sheriff Jeffrey Dawsey is. You can read the full lawsuit below:

Tarantino Tampon Lawsuit

H/T Broward Palm Beach Times