See NYC’s Most ‘Offbeat’ Apartments: Indoor Skate Park, Repurposed PanAm Cabinets, and Even a Bus

TheBlaze has reported extensively on the tiniest apartment spaces around the world, but what of the most outlandish and unique or, as the YouTube channel SPACEStv puts it, “offbeat” apartment dwellings.

The Offbeat Spaces series “showcases the most interesting rooms in the world.” Here are just a couple.

The first, owner Geoff considers more of a “compound.” Located just off the MTA train tracks headed through New York City, Geoff shows off his warehouse space that includes inventions like a giant tricycle, an indoor skateboard half pipe and a basement with old, slightly creepy biology posters that he couldn’t bear to part with. Geoff said he hopes the compound will be an investment property someday.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

Check it out:

The second would still be considered a micro-apartment — it’s only 500 square feet — but TheBlaze has seen smaller. Still, the interesting features of this apartment aside from its space-saving efficiencies are some of its design elements. The white Plexiglas walls move on particularly windy days in such a way that they appear to shimmer. His upper kitchen cabinets were from an old PanAm plane. And his bathroom floor is heated.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)
(Image: YouTube screenshot)

Watch the quick tour through Bill Di Paola’s Lower Eastside “Tron Apartment”:

As a bonus, Fair Companies, a website regularly featuring tiny and unusual houses, has a new profile up on a mobile home made out of a repurposed school bus. For $3,000 Richard and Rachel bought the bus and converted  it into a home that can sleep 10. Total renovations cost $9,000, but it was designed with features that allow it to be completely off-the-grid and they’re living mortgage free.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

“Really what we’re paying for is the efficiency of the items that we have,” they said according to Fair Companies. “We want to live high-tech, but we want to live with the lowest amount of energy possible.”

Take look inside Richard and Rachel’s school bus home:


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This story has been updated since its original posting to correct the spelling of Geoff’s name.