See the ‘Blunderbuss Crossbow Slingshot’ That Shoots Almost Anything

Joerg Sprave who maintains the Slingshot Channel on YouTube felt he had been showing favoritism to more unconventional slingshots of late and, therefore, that it was time to bring you a “more generic launcher.” Meet the blunderbuss slingshot.

A blunderbuss is a more traditional muzzle-loaded firearm, but the slingshot version brings an interesting twist to the table. That is, it can shoot pretty much anything provided it is the right size.

Joerg Sprave shows off his blunderbuss slingshot. (Image: YouTube screenshot)
(Image: YouTube screenshot)

Here’s how Sprave describes the slingshot according to the video’s excerpt:

Like the classic firearm original, the weapon is a muzzle loader, beeing very flexible when it comes to ammo. See it shooting wooden blocks, vampire stakes, Zombie skull hole punchers, empty gas torch containers, even plastic and glass bottles.

The device is about 1 meter long, comparable to a walking stick. The draw weight of the considerable rubber bands is about 150 lbs, much like a conventional recurve crossbow. Enough to shoot the 130 gramm gas container at 32 m/s!

This wooden stake with a steel tip (to weight the front and help it fly straight) is meant for fighting against vampires. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

In the video itself, Sprave shows you how the weapon is loaded and then demonstrates how all the different materials hold up as ammo. Watch the results for yourself:

The gas container, which seems to be one of his heavier objects, is tracked as moving 32 meters per second.

“I enjoy it immensely, because it shoots everything,” Sprave said praising his slingshot crossbow.

(H/T: Gizmodo)


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