Car Crashes Into Police SUV at 100 MPH After Accelerator Gets Stuck

Greg Gill swerves around other cars into the left side of this image. (Image CBS Local screenshot)

Over the weekend, a Colorado man crashed his vehicle at speeds topping at 100 miles per hour when he couldn’t stop it due to a stuck accelerator pedal.

Greg Gill, CBS Local reports, drove 25 miles on I-70 with the stuck pedal, calling 911 for help along the way Saturday just before noon. Thanks to the patrol cars keeping traffic away from the runaway vehicle, Gill and no one else was injured after he crashed into an officer’s SUV.

“I flew by vehicles and went into the right median and the left median and everything I could do to just get around people without causing any kind of accidents,” Gill said according to CBS Local. “Fortunately there were no accidents; no one was injured at all.”

Watch the report:

In this report from the local NBC affiliate, you can hear emergency responders saying Gill’s brakes were to the floor:

“I’m lucky to be alive and everyone on I-70 an US-40 is lucky to be alive,” Gill said.