Local News Chopper Covering Flash Flood Stumbles on Men Rafting…With an Air Mattress

A local news station’s helicopter flying over the Las Vegas area capturing flash flood footage brought on from a deluge of rain Wednesday, spotted a group of men taking advantage of a flood channel . . . on an air mattress.

(Image: YouTube/AP screenshot)

KTNV reports its Action News Hawk spied the men who “cheered and waved as they floated shirtless down the rushing flood channel.” It filmed this footage of their endeavors:

But KTNV wasn’t the only helicopter in the air above Henderson, Nev., yesterday afternoon. It reports a police helicopter ordering the men out of the water, at which point they pulled their floatation device from the rushing stream. It has not been reported if a citation was issued for rafting on the potentially dangerous water.

The Sacramento Bee reported weather conditions were such that a few motor accidents occurred while others stalled. About 14,000 customers lost electricity for a brief period in one Las Vegas neighborhood as well. The flooding was the result of an inch and a half of rain being dropped within an hour.