Oops: Anchorman Tells Weather Woman He Wants to ‘Canoodle’ on Live TV

In an attempt to ad lib and segue from one story to another, a local TV station’s anchorman accidentally comes on to the weather broadcaster, gets turned down and reveals he doesn’t know the meaning of the word “canoodle.”

In this undated blooper reel from CTV News, the male anchor switches from a story where an interviewee was talking about “canoodling in Union Bay” to the weather forecast, but makes his transition between the two using the word “canoodle.”

“It’s time now for a full look at your forecast with Astrid, maybe we can canoodle before you get into it …” he said dropping off toward the end and realizing just what he suggested.

The response: “We’re not going to canoodling. What?”

The weather broadcaster is effectively shutting down the suggestion they canoodle. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

Quick thinking saves the anchor as he says “I thought canoodle meant chat.” But this face in the screen capture below right after he made the suggestion reveals he knew exactly what canoodle meant.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

“Astrid, you’re lucky there’s a producer in my ear. I would have carried that on and on,” he said.

“You know what, you just made the blooper reel,” Astrid said, graciously giving the anchor an out to end the awkward moment. “Good job, Andrew.”

This face on Andrew screams please "get me off camera." (Image: YouTube screenshot)

Watch the blooper, which has begun going viral on the web, for yourself:

(H/T: Huffington Post)