NY Assembly Candidate Says Crime Is Up in ‘Negrohood’ (Typo?)

(Photo: Ben Akselrod for Assembly)

New York assembly candidate Ben Akselrod has reportedly distributed campaign literature to thousands of likely voters with a pretty appalling typo— the man replaced “neighborhood” with “negrohood” when discussing high crime rates.

“I am running for Assembly because I believe the number one job of that office is to keep the community safe. The current assemblyman has allowed crime to go up over 50% in our negrohood so far this year. I am fighting for video cameras throughout our community to protect our seniors who are the most vulnerable; and cut down on anti-Semitic attacks in our community. I will also make sure the mayor gives our community more police to patrol our streets” [Emphasis added].

(Photo: Sheepshead Bites)

Akselrod has not yet issued a public clarification, despite the growing controversy.

According to his website, Akselrod is an immigrant from the former Soviet Union running partially on a platform of public safety.  He is also passionate about the economy, stating that “our economy will not grow unless the government creates jobs.”

Akselrod will be challenging the incumbent, Steven Cymbrowitz, in the upcoming Democratic Primary in the 45th Assembly District.