RNC Star Mia Love’s Wikipedia Reportedly Changed to ‘Dirty, Worthless Wh*re’ Who Is a ‘House Ni**er’

(Photo: AP)

After her speech at the Republican National Convention last night, Utah mayor Mia Love was declared one of the “rising stars” of the Republican Party.

Described as a “rock star,” a “novelty,” a “myth-buster,” and a “surprise,” she undeniably made an impact.

But some of the woman’s detractors were seemingly not content with her recent success, and took out their frustrations on her Wikipedia page.

Though the original entry has been deleted by Wikipedia, a number of screen shots indicate that Mia Love was called a “dirty, worthless wh*re who sold her soul in the name of big business,” and a “house ni**er.”

Here is what the archives page says now, the offending edits having been deleted for profanity:

(Photo: Wikipedia)

But before it was deleted, Instapundit seemingly grabbed a screen shot of the edit from Wikipedia’s records:

(Photo: Wikipedia via Legal Insurrection)

TheBlaze reader Gail V. contributed the next image, which lists Love’s profession as “useful idiot” and her religion as “Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day fence painters.”

Here is the screen shot:

(Photo: Wikipedia via Gail V)

And Twitter user Tabitha Hale tweeted out the screen shot where Love was referred to in the most racist of terms.

The comment reads: “So, in other words, she is a total sell-out to the Right Wing Hate Machine and the greedy bigots who control the GOP and love to see Mia Love exploited like the House Ni**er she truly is.”

Here is a screen shot (strong content warning for language):

(Photo: Twitter/@TabithaHale)

Twitchy captured a number of relevant comments, which included: “Whomever hacked @MiaBLove page has no sense of irony. They call GOP bigots on one line & Mia a “ni**er” on next….,” and “KEEP IT CLASSY DEMS.”

“But it’s the right that’s waging a war on women and minorities?” Twitchy asked sarcastically.

Glenn Beck interviewed Mia Love on radio Wednesday, where the two discussed the recent attacks on her character.

Watch the interview, via TheBlaze TV, below:

After Beck repeated– several times– how Love “hit it out of the park” during her RNC speech, Love explained that she isn’t too concerned with the insults.

“You know what– I’m fine with it.  If I wasn’t a threat, if I wasn’t speaking to the American people and having it have an effect, they would probably leave me alone.”

She added: “They can come after me with whatever they want to…I’m a mother; I’m a wife; I’m a concerned citizen, and they can bring it.”

When asked about the Wikipedia edits in particular, Love replied: “I think that we say, look, these are the issues that we have.  This is what we’re going to need to get back on our feet, and we need a leader that’s going to tell us the truth.”

Proceeding to talk about unemployment and the redistribution of wealth, Love made it clear that, in fact, she doesn’t prioritize the insults too highly.

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