Yesterday was only the first day of the football season and we may already have our funniest highlight.

Kent State linebacker Andre Parker recovered a fumble during the final seconds of the first half against Towson. It was a muffed punt, and Parker was in the right place at the right time. He was also in perfect position to score a touchdown, as he was just yards away from the end zone when he got his hands on the ball. There’s only one problem: Parker picked up the ball and ran the wrong way.

Yup, it happened:

Now luckily he didn’t make it all the way and was tackled by the other team. But actually, that didn’t matter much: the play was ruled dead where Parker recovered the ball. Deadspin explains:

It turns out the whole play was called off and the referees concluded they should have … called the play dead. They ended up placing the ball at Towson’s 7 yard line, meaning in one play both teams and the referees screwed up in some rather big way.

Welcome to football season!