‘Clearly Offensive’: Sandra Fluke Responds to Bill O’Reilly’s Condom/Balloon Drop Crack

Georgetown University law student and “reproductive rights” activist Sandra Fluke on Monday responded to Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly joking about how the Democratic National Convention might drop inflated prophylactics — instead of balloons — in her honor.

“Well, I think it’s clearly offensive to see a bunch of guys laughing, sitting around laughing about dropping condoms on a woman,” Fluke said during a longer discussion on the GOP’s supposed “war on women.”

MSNBC’s Ed Schultz pressed her for a reaction.

“Obviously, that’s offensive, but I try to not pay attention to it, look past it, and focus on the policies I care about, I’m doing what I can for the president, and frankly, I think it’s clear there’s more than one reason I’m speaking at the convention,” Fluke said.

“I hope my contribution, and all of women’s contributions, would be more respected than that,” she added.

You can see Fluke’s response to O’Reilly at the 02:06 mark [but the entire MSNBC segment on the “war on women” is definitely worth a watch]:

O’Reilly’s prophylactic crack was clearly directed towards Fluke.

“I’m just wondering when Sandra Fluke speaks at the Democratic convention, what they’re going to drop from the ceiling,” O’Reilly said last Thursday.

“I’m just pointing out there’s only one reason this woman is speaking. One and one only,” the chuckling Fox News host added.

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(H/T: Mediaite). Front page photo courtesy the AP.