‘Pushy’ Telemarketer Threatens Unreceptive Homeowner With a Bomb

(Photo: Shutterstock File Photo/Marionbirdy)

A number of families in Mead, Colorado were evacuated from their homes after a telemarketer threatened to bomb someone who wasn’t interested in his spiel, authorities say.

Apparently the homeowner in question, who declined to be named, simply hung up after being told he had won a certain sum of money.  The telemarketer called back and, according to Sgt. Tim Schwartz, “got pretty rude” and said “I’ve placed a bomb under your house.”

The homeowner then called the police, who evacuated the area and began searching for explosives.

According to 7News, deputies from the Weld County Sheriff’s Office, officers from the Colorado State Patrol, Dacono Police, Firestone Police and Mountain View Fire Department scoured the home, but did not find anything.

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“I personally think that telemarketers are a big pain because they constantly call you even when you ask them not to. But to go to those lengths to actually threaten someone is just ridiculous,” Elaine Stanchfield, one of the evacuees, commented.

The homeowner thinks the call may have come from overseas, saying the man had a thick accent.  Police are still investigating the origin of the call, but if it was international, apparently the FBI will get involved.  If it was domestic, an arrest warrant will be issued.

“It’s completely out of the ordinary,” Sgt. Schwartz remarked, warning that it is difficult to track down telemarketers.  “I don’t know how to explain it.  They’re just pretty pushy I guess.”

(H/T: Gawker)