Report: Bill Clinton Aide Voting for Romney to Help ‘Propel’ Hillary ‘Toward the Oval Office’ in 2016

It’s the week of the Democratic National Convention, so news of a prominent liberal figure planning to cast a vote for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney would naturally deliver a stinging blow to the Obama camp. But, this is apparently what may be unfolding as part of a behind-closed-doors plot to boost Hillary Clinton’s political power. According to reports, Douglas Band, a prominent Bill Clinton aide, is planning to support Romney in November.

Presidents Bill Clinton (left) and Barack Obama (right) (AP File Photo)

POLITICO notes that the surprising action is allegedly being taken in an apparent move “to strengthen Hillary Clinton’s position in the Democratic Party.” In an article for The New Yorker, Ryan Lizza writes about this purported situation:

For Clinton, the politics are more complicated. His associates take it as a given that he would like nothing more than to see his wife become President. Hillary Clinton will step down as Secretary of State after the campaign and begin the process of deciding whether she will run in 2016. By some measures, a defeat for Obama in November would leave Hillary the undisputed leader of her party and propel her toward the Oval Office that much faster. At least one of Clinton’s closest advisers seems to be backing that strategy. According to two people with direct knowledge, Douglas Band has said that he will vote for Romney. Band declined to comment.

Credit: AP

If true, this would be immensely noteworthy, particularly because Band has been a longtime Clinton confidant. He advised Bill Clinton for years and played a key role, as POLITICO notes, in the formation and management of the former president’s Clinton Global Initiative.

In the end, one might assume that, if this strategy is in place, it extends beyond Band and is being undertaken by other prominent Democrats as well. Of course, this is merely conjecture, but, considering the revelations presented in Edward Klein’s book about Obama entitled, “Amateur,” it’s worth noting.

As TheBlaze reported earlier this year, prior to the current presidential campaign, Clinton allegedly urged his wife to quit her job and challenge Obama for president in 2012. In the book, Klein quotes conversations Clinton apparently had with his wife.

“Barack Obama,” Bill said, according to book excerpts obtained by the New York Post, “is an amateur.” Bill told Hillary in another excerpt, “The economy’s a mess, it’s dead flat. America has lost its Triple-A rating … . You know better than Obama does.”

While the situation seems to be improving between Bill Clinton and Obama, any truth behind these allegations would naturally hamper relations.